Mental Toughness of a Warrior

Mental Toughness unpacked…

This book specifically unpacks the neuroscience and skills for Mental Toughness towards your goal, showing perseverance in the face of what may come your way.

There are similar words to describe this quality… Grit, hardiness, mental strength.

Essentially this is Self-Leadership, described by Prof Charles C. Manz of University of Minnesota as:
“a comprehensive self-influence perspective that concerns leading oneself toward performance of naturally motivating tasks as well as managing oneself to do work that must be done but is not naturally motivating”.

Self-Leadership being the first component towards becoming a “leader”.

This is not a quality reserved for the select few, although it may be the few who have mastery.

This book has been designed to inspire and motivate those who want to transform their lives, serving as an inspirational self-help tool…

Sparking you into higher awareness of your Self and others, elevating your thought process to drive you to step into your power to evoke your Warrior Within.

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