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Warrior Leadership was about the “How To” of leadership, focusing on an effective leadership style for which skills may be developed.

Most people are able to tell you what skills they have and what they are good at, but only a few will be able to tell you who they are. We lead out of our identity, not our preference or temperament, but our DNA wiring and character. LEMON leadership applies to all of everyone. It is an effective strategy to get teams to work together.


There are 5 types of LEMONs. All of us are a combination of the 5 types.

Each LEMON slice

  • Has a different view of reality
  • Has a different starting point for everything that they do
  • Gravitates towards, ignores, and has “issues” with different people
  • Defines work differently
  • Approaches life in their own unique way
  • Focuses on different things
  • Has a different depth of vision
  • Has different strengths and weaknesses
  • Protect what is important to them
  • React differently under pressure
  • Hold on to certain things and easily lets other things go
  • Communicates differently. They can all say the same words, but with different meanings
  • Handles confrontation and correction differently
  • Relates and behaves in a team in their own way

Participants will learn

  • I do not have to feel guilty about who I am
  • I bring unique strengths to any team
  • I can communicate with others if I can learn their language
  • I have weaknesses that I need to manage
  • I can honour and respect those who are different from me
  • Team is better!

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