Claudio’s intrinsic values have influenced his belief in making a difference for the common good, by helping others to adopt a mindset of resilience, and engendering a culture which embraces leadership, as he believes everyone can be a leader. Claudio is a firm believer that nothing is instant, only instant coffee, results take time. The important thing is to progress, creating non-intimidating micro-goals on a daily basis.

In his own life he has overcome a series of limiting beliefs. One of many examples of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) which he stared down, practicing ‘personal leadership’ using grit (mental toughness) was whilst he was a young leader in the military. Regarding himself as an average swimmer with an average physical ability, he decided to sign up for the elite Navy Divers (Combat Diver) to challenge himself. The Navy Diver selection, renowned as being one of the toughest and most demanding training in the Navy, where one is pushed to one’s limits both physically and mentally. After a gruelling four-day selection (informally regarded as the equivalent Hell Week), Claudio was one of only three who passed this acid test, from a total of 90 who had undergone this selection. A staggering 3% pass rate! He proved to himself what he already knew deep down… he could do it. The key is knowing what you want and taking consistent daily action. If you improve only 1% per day, after a year that would be 365% improvement (without even taking the compounding effect into account!). Leadership is a concept which Claudio embraced from the start of his career, at the age of 24 he was placed in charge of 44 men.

Claudio is inspired by seeing people overcome their limiting beliefs. By staring down your own internal monsters, setting BHAG, you break the chains holding you back to step into the version of who you want to be.

His varied background allows him to have a multi-angled approach, with a background as a leader whilst a combat officer in the South African Navy (9 years), and as a specialist banker in London (10 years) with Investec Bank, during which time he was in charge of an international award-wining business association focused on promoting both business and the next generation, called Shipping Professional Network London ( serving as chairman for 8 years. During this period he received the following leadership awards:
• Business Leader of the Year from the South African Chamber of Commerce (2012)
• Best Shipping Network in World Award whilst Chairman of SPNL (2016)
• Highest Contribution Award whilst England Chairman of South African Legion of Military Veterans (2017)
• New Leader of Tomorrow Award from Crans Montana Forum, Switzerland (2018)
In addition to coaching, he is a martial arts instructor where he has his own dojo/club in Cape Town, teaching Krav Maga.

His academic qualifications include:-
• Master of Science from Cass Business School, University of London (2005-2007)
• B. Comm (Hons) from the University of Cape Town (2001)
• Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers – Bachelor equivalent (2012)
• Executive and Management Coaching from University of Cape Town (2019)
• Bachelor in Military Science (Mathematics & Nautical Science) from Stellenbosch University (1996-1999)

He currently serves as the Provincial Chair of Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (Comensa) for the Western Cape Province, the National Executive Committee (National EXCO) ( and the Social & Ethics Committee. He is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Master Life Coach, a member of the American Union of NLP, carrying the industry respected designation “Comensa Credentialed Coach“.

After four years, his upcoming book “Mental Toughness of a Warrior” is almost ready to be launched, with the scheduled launch date end-May 2022.


Building Resiliant leaders, embracing Warrior Ethos characterised by Selfless Duty and Total Commitment